IDRA-21 nootropic

        IDRA 21


        IDRA 21 BENEFITS

        • effects lasting 48 hours
        • Significantly improves learning and memory
        • Improves mental focus
        • Motivation is increased
        • Depression therapeutically reduced
        • Improve productivity
        • Promotes efficiency
        • ampakine drug
        • positive allosteric modulator
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        Human nature leads us to strive to improve our performance or have an edge in our abilities. Some look to 'smart drugs' or nootropics. There are numerous considerations to look at in your search, one being IDRA-21.

        IDRA-21 is a nootropic with a positive modulator of the AMPA receptors in the brain and a benzothiadiazine derivative. Many nootropics show effects for a few hours. However, this product is reported to produce benefits for up to 48 hours. This could mean a reduction in the frequency of usage.

        IDRA 21 EFFECTS

        Yes, some report side effects of nausea, headaches, and mild dizziness, although these are not reported to be expected.  Buy IDRA-21 for the best purity and potency. 

        What are some proven and tested experiments?

        IDRA has been tested on animal subjects, such as rats. in the clinical studies they had to pass a water maze, and the rats who had been given this compound performed much better than those who did not.  The criteria of proof were in observing which rats reached the maze exit first. 

        IDRA 21 DOSAGE

        In another experiment that used young adult and aged rhesus monkeys, oral administration of IDRA 21 dose range 0.15 -10 mg/kg significantly improved their performance on a computer-automated delayed matching-to-sample task. The improvement was very apparent in the young adult monkeys and affected mainly medium and long delays (up to 180 sec). The performance in aged monkeys, which was significantly lower than young animals during baseline, also improved considerably, but the effect was less.

        No human trials have been done at this time and exact dosages are unknown. but anecdotal evidence points to IDRA 21 recommended Dosage is 10-20mg a day.

        Studies with animals have shown the strength of IDRA-21 is many times stronger than Aniracetam, which is also used in reversing cognitive issues. Some report 20 to 30 times stronger. 

        IDRA 21 REVIEW

        The qualities of this great nootropic enhance concentration and attention span. We can look to this class of drugs as an exciting candidate for many things, including the treatment of learning disabilities and general enhancement and no addictive qualities like adderall.

        It works through the positive modulation of the glutamate AMPA receptors; the response causes rapid synaptic transmission. It is therefore increasing the synaptic strength that is known as allosteric activation.

        It has been proven to reduce memory loss induced by scopolamine and alprazolam.  Some research shows that IDRA is approximately 10-fold more potent than Aniracetam in antagonizing alprazolam-induced learning deficits.  Research indicates that it is between 10 and 30 times more potent than Aniracetam in reversing these drugs' adverse effects. These findings would suggest benefits from clinical and recreational uses in treating conditions such as amnesia and long-term memory loss.

        Looking for IDRA-21 suppliers? You have come to the right place. Order yours today and see what your research project is missing. 

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        IUPAC name7-Chloro-3-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine 1,1-dioxide
        Cas number22503-72-6
        Molar mass232.69 g/mol

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