We hold some of the best research and reference materials to transverse every pathway of complex chemistry and science. We stand behind our potency, efficacy, and of course, our purity.  We formulated the catalyst 99PURiTY for the passionate researchers, the bio-hacking innovators, and the probing chemists. We are happy to share our superior knowledge and innovation in today's development in science. Advancing the abilities of all our clients to a winning hypothesis. 

 We serve national corporations, institutions, and individual researchers specializing in neuroscience, lipolysis, botanicals, and metabolic research. 



We carry the highest potency and purity, preceded by many years of trial and error that is perfected using only the best manufacturing laboratories worldwide. All our SARMs come with HPLC, MS, and third-party testing for true transparency and delivers the building blocks of trust within our community. 

As of June 2021, we are excited to announce that we have a US-based third-party Laboratory in charge of our powders analyses.  Testing completed with mass spectrometry to name a few.  All reports will be available for viewing on their product pages as an attachment and will be attached to the product LOT number.


Our integrity speaks volumes towards our business practices, distributing the best insight and scientific evidence for analytical research. We answer all questions and inquiries with fast responses. We acquire our customers for life and do everything to make sure satisfaction is accomplished on every order. Oh, and if you don’t like your products, which we aren't too worried about,  email us to arrange a return and refund.


Not only is our shipping FREE for orders USD 100, But we guarantee all orders to bypass customs. We will reship to you at no cost. We are accountable for all packages until it reaches your doorstep.  

We value our clients' time; therefore, we make sure to ship all orders on the same day.  We only use high-quality packaging and shipping materials to minimize any contamination or deterioration.


We have now metamorphosed into a dedicated following of thousands. We value client feedback and suggestions, which help us understand your needs and provide the best experience possible.  

We collectively believe in the constant searching for betterment that never ends in the bounds of any of us. Our purpose is your success.