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We ship Monday through Saturday. 

All orders are shipped through Canada Post and DHL. 

Shipping through DHL is 1-2 days delivery anywhere in the USA. 30 USD. 

Payments received and settled before 4:00 pm MST will allow orders to be shipped the same day while DHL must be in the night before. 

All order funds received after 4:00 pm MNT on business days will ship the next business day. 

Free same-day shipping of over 150 USD Worldwide.

If your parcel qualifies for our FREE SHIPPING, the methods of disbursement are as follows: 

Canada Post for Canada, USPS Tracked packets in the USA, and International Air UK and AUS. 

Please note: International Air orders have no tracking. 


If your order is scanned as delivered by the postal service and have not received it; don't hesitate to contact us within 48 hours of delivery confirmation, and we will start a criminal theft investigation.

We hold no responsibility after the postal service confirms delivery. 

Okay, to clarify... 

If you live in a creepy area, or maybe know some shady characters, or don't like your neighbors, and maybe even perhaps had mail stolen in the past, please send me a request in the 'customer comments' when filling out the order. Ask for a card drop. 

 I will have them leave a card on your door to pick the package up at the closest postal outlet near you if you are not home.  


Shipping is anywhere. Canada to Australia, Europe, and United States. Worldwide.

 If your address doesn't work in our system, shoot us a message, and we will have it corrected. 

Numerous restrictions and policies govern the international transportation of research chemical products. 

We ensure it gets to you, or we will reship at no cost if it gets caught through customs—a 100% success rate.


Yes, we have a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied or have a problem, talk to me, we stand to our word. 

We do not accept returns after 30 days or if the product is more than half gone.   This gives you time to test the viability of our products.

Once a return has been received at the warehouse, we will refund your payment method. However, shipping and return shipment costs (if any) are non-refundable. 

To be eligible for a refund, your parcel must NOT be in processing or must NOT still be in transit. You will receive email updates, or we will refund you upon the return of the items.

Why is my order taking so long? 

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather nor USPS and their delays -resulting in a bogus delivery date.   As shitty and annoying as that is- it is what it is.  We cannot make them go any faster. Please do not inquire with us about a package being late unless 30 days has passed. 

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Did Customs Seize my Package?

First, it's infrequent this actually happens. Don't get your panties in a knot just yet, guys. Usually, the package is just sitting in limbo because someone lost it in the mail room, or the border control agents are lazy, underpaid, overworked, or short staff.  In all actuality they are most likely just hella busy busting everyone's mail! Haha, all only trying to keep up in the new world of e-commerce that's emerging. ;) 

My Package is definitely in Customs. Can I get a refund, or can you re-ship me?

We will need the documentation of the seizure letter sent to you in the mail from Customs Border Control for a re-shipment of zero cost.  

Doh, I sent it to the wrong address; what do I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot cover wrong address re-shipments.

If you input the wrong address, don't hesitate to contact the individual at the address; the parcel can be sent back to us unopened before taking it to the post office and writing a "refused, return to sender."  Please note: You will be responsible for the re-shipment fees and return. 

Please make sure you input the address correctly. Please go into your account settings and double-check to make sure the address is perfect, as well as the apartment or suite number and buzzer number, if required for entry.  


If merchandise is missing from your order or if you received incorrect items, please get in touch with us. Once we verify the claim's legitimacy, we will send the missing item to you at no charge. 

All purchases are documented and photographed before shipping to avoid any fraudulent claims.