compound 7p

        Compound 7P

        Neurological Applications for Compound 7P

        Axon Regeneration: 

        Compound 7p enhances neurite outgrowth in primary neurons derived from the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and retina. It has also shown promise in inducing optic nerve regeneration in animal models.

        Mechanism of Action:

         While the exact mechanism by which it stimulates axon growth in vivo is yet to be determined, the compound holds promise for treating conditions associated with axon loss.

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        Oncological Applications

        Cervical Cancer:

        Compound 7p has shown high activity against cervical cancer cells. In animal models, it has demonstrated dose-dependent inhibition of cervical tumor growth.

        Cell Cycle Effects:

        The compound affects the cell cycle distribution of HeLa cells, increasing the proportions in G0/G1 and S-phase while decreasing that in G2/M-phase.


        It also affects the expression of apoptosis-related proteins like C-caspase-3, C-caspase-9, Bcl-2, and Bax in HeLa cells.

        Cardiovascular Applications

        Thromboxane Receptor Antagonist/Synthase Inhibitors: Compound 7p was initially developed in a series aimed at identifying dual-acting thromboxane receptor antagonist/synthase inhibitors.


        It shows selectivity for prostaglandin I2 synthase (PTGIS, CYP8A1) over thromboxane synthase (CYP5A1).


        Further optimization and elucidation of the mechanisms by which compound 7p elicits axon regeneration will be crucial for developing treatment strategies.


        More studies are needed to understand its full potential in cancer therapy, including its long-term effects and possible side effects.


         Additional research could explore its selectivity and efficacy in cardiovascular conditions.
        Given its diverse applications, compound 7p appears to be a promising candidate for further research in multiple medical fields.

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