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Indulge in groundbreaking scientific research and development with the highest quality peptides and amino acid derivatives available at 99Purity. As pioneers in the field, our laboratory exclusively stocks the most potent peptides that have garnered widespread acclaim for their remarkable curative effects, leaving behind any inferior alternatives with minimal impact.

Our peptides undergo a rigorous and meticulous manufacturing process that is finely tuned to deliver unparalleled purity and quality. We adhere to the most stringent quality control standards, ensuring that each peptide reaches you in its purest, most sterile, and stable form.

To achieve these unparalleled standards, we employ highly accurate techniques such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry analysis. These scientific methods provide definitive proof of each peptide's purity, accuracy, and identity.

Researchers can confidently embark on their studies and experiments, knowing that the integrity of their research will remain untainted. Gone are the worries of working with peptides that contain fillers, impurities, or lower net peptide content than claimed. Our peptides are meticulously crafted to exceed expectations, providing the utmost reliability and reproducibility for your scientific pursuits.

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        Human Growth Hormone | hGH | SOMATROPIN 12iu rDNA 191aa

        Human Growth Hormone for Sale

        Genuine GH is hard to find and it sells out fast. Stock up while supplies last!


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            PREMIUM QUALITY, ORALLY BIOACTIVE CAPSULES OF BPC-157:Unlock the research at the most competitive price.

            BPC-157 has garnered significant interest for its therapeutic possibilities. To make these benefits accessible, we're proud to present our premium quality, orally bioactive capsules of BPC-157. Formulated with the utmost precision and adherence to the highest standards, our product aims to unlock the full potential of this intriguing peptide.

            Designed to provide optimal bioavailability, these capsules are manufactured with rigorous quality control measures to ensure that only the highest grade BPC-157 is used. By focusing on excellence at every stage, from sourcing to production, we strive to provide a product that meets and exceeds industry standards.

            But that's not all. In our commitment to making cutting-edge health solutions accessible to all, we offer our BPC-157 capsules at the most competitive price anywhere. We believe that quality healthcare shouldn't come at a premium price, and we've worked diligently to ensure that our BPC-157 capsules are affordable without compromising on quality.

            Explore the potential of BPC-157 with confidence and affordability. With our premium quality, orally bioactive capsules, the future of health and wellness is within reach. Experience the difference that dedication to quality and value can make. Trust in our commitment to excellence, and take the next step in your journey towards optimal health with BPC-157.

            "BPC-157, short for Body Protection Compound-157, is a synthetic peptide inspired by a naturally occurring peptide found in human gastric juice. Excitingly, BPC-157 has shown promising potential in preclinical studies."

            Promising Effects

            Potential for Accelerated Healing

            Preclinical research suggests that BPC-157 may help accelerate the healing process in various body tissues, including skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. This potential for speeding up recovery has sparked interest among fitness enthusiasts and those recovering from injuries.

            Gastrointestinal Health 

            Inspired by a natural peptide that plays a role in gastrointestinal health, BPC-157 has shown a promising ability to support and protect the gut lining in preclinical studies potentially.

            Neuroprotection and Brain Health

            Early research suggests that BPC-157 may have protective effects on the nervous system, potentially supporting brain health and possibly enhancing mood.

            What Sets BPC-157 Apart?

            The potential of BPC-157 lies in its multifaceted action. This peptide could play a role in various processes, from inflammation and angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) to modulation of growth factors and neurotransmitters. As such, BPC-157 is being researched for an impressively broad range of potential therapeutic uses.

            BPC-157 offers an intriguing avenue of exploration in health and wellness. While we're still learning much about this peptide, the preliminary research provides a compelling foundation for further investigation.

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                TB4 FRAG CAPSULES



                TB4 Frag is an orally bioactive peptide.  Also known as Thymosin Beta-4 (TB500)Thymosin Beta-4 (TB500), which is a naturally occurring peptide found in high concentrations in blood platelets, wound fluid, and certain tissues.

                1. Wound Healing

                2. TB500 has been studied for its potential to accelerate wound healing. It may promote angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels, and keratinocyte migration, which is crucial for the skin closure process during wound healing.

                3. Anti-inflammatory Properties

                4. TB500 has shown anti-inflammatory properties in some animal studies, indicating its potential to reduce inflammation, which can help in the management of chronic inflammatory diseases and injuries.

                5. Tissue Repair

                6. It may also play a role in tissue repair, including heart tissue. Studies suggest that TB500 could potentially protect and restore tissue in the heart after incidents like a heart attack.

                7. Promoting Hair Growth

                8. Some preclinical studies suggest that TB500 might be beneficial in promoting hair growth by activating hair follicle stem cells.

                9. Musculoskeletal Benefits

                10. Anecdotal reports and animal studies suggest that TB500 may support muscle tone, strength, and elasticity, as well as help with muscle recovery after strenuous activity or injury.

                11. Neuroprotective Effects

                12. TB500 has also been studied for its potential neuroprotective effects. Some animal studies suggest that it could potentially support brain health and cognitive function.

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                    BPC-157 5mg

                    BPC-157 for Sale, Benefits, Leaky Gut and Dosage

                    What Are The Benefits of BPC-157?

                    • Lightning-fast wound healing (muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve)
                    • Anti-inflammatory
                    • decrease pain in damaged areas
                    • Increases growth hormone receptors
                    • Improves digestive function
                    • Safeguards and heals inflamed intestinal epithelium (leaky gut)
                    • An excellent solution for IBS and Crohns
                    • Protects the liver from toxic abuse (alcohol, antibiotics, etc.) and promotes healing
                    • Fosters the outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts, cell survival under stress, and the migration of tendon fibroblasts
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                        EPITALON 10mg

                        Epithalon Peptide for Sale, Benefits, Reviews and Results

                        Benefits of Epitalon

                        • Decelerates the aging of cell populations by stimulating the renew and elongation of telomeres at the ends of chromosomes in DNA
                        • Reducing of aging / anti-aging effect, rejuvenation
                        • Inhibition of cancer and age-related diseases
                        • Rebuilds and stabilizes Melatonin production by the Pineal gland
                        • Powerful antioxidant properties protect against oxidative stress, act against the effects of free radicals
                        • Enhances the activities of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione-S-transferase
                        • Diminishes lipid oxidation and ROS (reactive oxygen species) collectively with the regulation of T cell function (increases interferon gamma production by T cells)
                        • Better, deeper sleep and its quality
                        • Enriches metrics of physical endurance, circadian rhythm, and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
                        • Improved skin, inhibits the synthesis of the MMP9 protein in vitro in aging skin fibroblasts
                        • Positive clinical effect in Retinitis pigmentosa disease
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                              INJECTABLE GHK-Cu ACETATE COPPER PEPTIDE 5mg

                              GHK-Cu Benefits, Hair Growth, Skin Transformation, Side Effects, Safety, Dosage

                              GHK-Cu Benefits

                              • Tighten up loose skin and inverse thinning of aged skin
                              • Restore protective skin barrier proteins
                              • Enhance elasticity, skin firmness, and clarity
                              • Reduce the depth of wrinkles, fine lines, and improve the composition of aged skin
                              • Smooth out rough skin
                              • Decrease mottled hyperpigmentation, skin spots, photodamage,  along with lesions
                              • Better overall skin appearance
                              • Promote wound healing
                              • Safeguard skin cells from UV radiation
                              • Lessen inflammation and free radical damage
                              • Boost hair growth and thickness, enlarge hair follicle size
                              • Lower Diabetes Complications
                              • Support Immune Function
                              • Help Rheumatologic Diseases
                              • Help Arthritis-adjunctive conditions
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                                    SODIUM CHLORIDE WATER 10ML

                                    Sodium Chloride Water USP 0.9%

                                    10ml multi-dose

                                    Sterile Solution

                                    For IV, IM or Subcutaneous Use

                                    Diluent with preservative

                                    Use within 30 days of opening.

                                    STORE IN FRIDGE. 

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                                  Unveiling the Marvels of Peptides: Catalysts of Nature and Biochemistry

                                  Peptides, the fundamental building blocks of nature and biochemistry, exist in abundance within the human body and various animal species. Their discovery and ongoing research offer a beacon of hope for the future of health and pharmaceutical advancements.

                                  In essence, peptides serve as indispensable signaling molecules, selectively binding to specific cell surface receptors and eliciting profound intracellular effects. Their remarkable properties pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries in the realms of science and medicine.

                                  Lyophilized Peptides: Unleashing the Potential

                                  Peptides are commonly provided in a lyophilized, or freeze-dried, powder form. Through the process of lyophilization, water is meticulously removed from the compound after freezing, creating an environment where the ice transitions directly from solid to vapor without entering a liquid state.

                                  Lyophilized peptides often take the form of small, white "pucks" with a fluffy or granular appearance. Varying lyophilization techniques can yield a more voluminous and airy texture or a more compact and finely textured lyophilized peptide, offering diverse options to suit specific research requirements.

                                  Research Peptides: Igniting the Flame of Discovery

                                  The demand for research peptides has surged, fueling progress in cutting-edge avenues of scientific exploration. It is important to note that research peptides are strictly intended for in-vitro studies and research purposes only. They have not been FDA-approved for the treatment, prevention, or cure of any medical conditions, diseases, or ailments.

                                  These synthesized peptides play a pivotal role in laboratory analysis, leading the way to breakthroughs and potential future pharmaceuticals. However, it is crucial to emphasize that the journey from research peptide to approved medicine involves rigorous study, clinical trials, and, critically, the FDA approval process.

                                  Preserving the Integrity: Proper Storage of Peptides

                                  The integrity of laboratory results heavily relies on the correct storage of peptides. Implementing appropriate storage methods can ensure peptide stability, prevent contamination, oxidation, and degradation, which may render both peptides and experiments futile.

                                  While certain peptides are more susceptible to degradation than others, adhering to best practices for peptide storage significantly extends their stability and integrity, regardless of composition.

                                  Upon receiving peptides, it is imperative to store them in a cool, dark environment. For short-term use within the coming days, weeks, or months, refrigeration at temperatures below 4°C (39°F) is generally suitable.

                                  Lyophilized peptides typically remain stable at room temperature for several weeks or longer, making such storage adequate for use within weeks or months.

                                  For long-term preservation spanning several months to years, it is preferable to store peptides in a freezer set at -80°C (-112°F). Freezing ensures optimal peptide stability, allowing for extended storage durations.

                                  Additionally, it is essential to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, as they can accelerate peptide degradation. Moreover, the use of frost-free freezers should be avoided, as temperature fluctuations during defrosting cycles can compromise peptide stability.

                                  99PURiTY - The best research materials

                                  Choose the path of excellence by preserving and harnessing the full potential of peptides through meticulous storage practices. At 99Purity, we provide the highest quality peptides to fuel your research and inspire groundbreaking scientific achievements.

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