EPITALON 10mg

        Epithalon Peptide for Sale, Benefits, Reviews and Results

        Benefits of Epitalon

        • Decelerates the aging of cell populations by stimulating the renew and elongation of telomeres at the ends of chromosomes in DNA
        • Reducing of aging / anti-aging effect, rejuvenation
        • Inhibition of cancer and age-related diseases
        • Rebuilds and stabilizes Melatonin production by the Pineal gland
        • Powerful antioxidant properties protect against oxidative stress, act against the effects of free radicals
        • Enhances the activities of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione-S-transferase
        • Diminishes lipid oxidation and ROS (reactive oxygen species) collectively with the regulation of T cell function (increases interferon gamma production by T cells)
        • Better, deeper sleep and its quality
        • Enriches metrics of physical endurance, circadian rhythm, and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
        • Improved skin, inhibits the synthesis of the MMP9 protein in vitro in aging skin fibroblasts
        • Positive clinical effect in Retinitis pigmentosa disease

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        Epitalon is a short four amino acid chain peptide used to regulate the cell cycle by upregulation of telomerase activity. with the amino acid chain Alanine-Glutamate-Asparagine-Glycine.

        It has been shown to have unique anti-aging and anti-tumor action throughout human studies.

        Known as the synthetic form of the tetrapeptide epithalamin, which organically arises in our pineal gland in the body. Epitalon, also known as Epithalon or Epithalone, was originally uncovered in the late 1980s by Professor Vladimir Khavinson from The Sankt Petersburg University in Russia.

        The most significant tasks of the pineal gland are to maintain different kinds of processes in our body, such as normalizing the anterior pituitary activity and maintaining the levels of calcium, gonadotropins, and melatonin; a series of feedback mechanisms highly regulate its activity.

        Epithalamin acts as an antioxidant and increases stress resistance, and reduces the amounts of corticosteroids. The life extension and anti-aging properties, amongst an expansion of different clinical indications, of epitalon are incredible.

        How Does Epitalon work?

        Epitalon regulates the cell cycle through up-regulation of telomerase activity. Upregulating telomerase activity has a vast effect on the body because it allows all the cells to be preserved due to inhibiting the shortening of telomeres, which are necessarily involved in the aging process. In addition, due to the upregulation of telomerase activity, the telomerase will essentially replace the telomeres located on the ends of the chromosomes.

        Telomerase is an RNA-dependent polymerase that lengthens and retains the measurement of telomeres by inserting tandem duplicates on the edge of chromosomes.

        Telomere elongation indorses indefinite cellular proliferation, and that can stimulate neoplastic cells.

        However, it has been demonstrated that retaining suitable telomere distance acts as a projecting effector of anti-aging and inhibitor of tumorigenesis.

        Epitalon has also been exhibited to affect the aging process by utilizing an antioxidant result.

        This is implicated in the deceleration of the aging process because cytotoxicity due to reactive oxygen species can lead to damaged DNA, cellular death, and modifications leading to the development of carcinogenic cells.

        It has also been reported to exhibit considerable anti-tumor effects in breast and colorectal cancer by preventing carcinogenic receptor manifestation and reduction of metastasis.

        Further, epithalon has been reported to engage in a vital role in regulating essential biomolecules such as cytokines, C-reactive protein, and the other acute-phase reactants to weaken the inflammatory reaction.

        This alteration of the inflammation progression is pivotal to human health because dysregulation and potentiation can cause a broad spectrum of disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, including others.

        Lastly, it has been discovered that epitalon plays a significant role in regulating the endocrine system.

        The immense amount of effect of different hormones have in the body is fundamental to various developments in the body. And, loss in hormones can result in multiple aspects of the disease.

        In the sphere of aging, we tend to lose hormones due to shortening telomeres. So, epithalon can increase the endogenous levels of hormones that we part with.

        A study was performed on elderly patients to establish the outcome of epitalon administration on melatonin levels, a natural regulator of the sleep cycle. The study showed that levels of melatonin increased, and restoration of sleep was accomplished.

        In addition, other studies have reported that epithalon has effects on other hormones such as gonadotropic hormones (FSG, LG, prolactin) to enhance sexual and procreative functions.

        Epithalon in Research

        Aging Decline

        Epithalon produces telomerase activity and telomere elongation in human somatic cells.

        A study showed a 33% increase in telomere elongation, which is directly involved in the aging process.

        In addition, there was a human trial done over 12 years with patients treated with epithalon and a placebo group. The results of this study revealed a 28% decrease in overall mortality with those treated with epithalamin and a 2-fold reduction in cardiovascular mortality by reducing the functional age and intensity of cardiovascular aging.

        Another study was performed to show that those given thymalin and epithalamin over six years had a mortality rate that was 4.1 times lower than the control group.

        There has also been an interest among scientists in using Epitalon as a potential treatment for cancer.

        Epitalon and the fight against Cancer

        There has been much scientific research made and still is being made on epithalon against cancer.

        It was found that epithalon has repressive results on the development and growing of the tumors with studies performed on mammary tumors, colon carcinogenesis, and prostate cancer.

        Tumors subjected to epitalon have been revealed to decrease in size.

        Treatment with epithalon stopped the metastases of cancers in mice, and it has oncostatic properties, blocking the spread of tumors.

        Due to its standing in telomerase activity, it has been implicated for its anti-tumor properties in hormone-dependent cancer due to its role in telomerase activity and endocrine and immune function.

        A study was completed on patients with uterus, cervix, and ovarian cancer. The treatment of epithalon restored cellular immunity, decreased recurrence and metastasis of cancer and decreased the size of tumors.

        Does Epithalon prevent disease?

        Epithalon is a powerful antioxidant that removes oxygen free radicals accountable for damaging and killing cells. This process, also known as oxidative stress, is the root cause of many age-related ailments.

        It is imperative to note that the human lifespan is inversely related to the number of oxygen-free radicals in the human body, and epithalon is responsible for slowing down and killing these killer radicals.

        Since free radicals are the primary source of degenerative diseases, eliminating them prevents diseases like muscle and joint pain, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, heart disease, to name a few.

        Epitalon and the Circadian Rhythm - Restoring Regular Sleep Patterns

        As we age our melatonin content in our blood lessens considerably.

        Epithalon plays a crucial role in our bio-rhythm control and affects the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. Reduced melatonin construction leads to age-related neurodegenerative changes and certain diseases.

        Melatonin's importance is evident; however, supplementing melatonin, in some cases, can provoke considerable side effects, such as neoplastic growth.

        Finding a suitable way to increase melatonin levels safely is an important venture.

        Epithalon stimulates melatonin production through its action on the pineal gland. 

        People taking epithalon have stated better sleep patterns and improved deep sleep, which is crucial for the body to repair itself and protect the immune system.

        Epithalon and the Regulation of Inflammation

        Countless disorders arise due to dysregulation of the immune system and inflammatory processes.

        Therefore, obtaining therapies that can help regulate the inflammatory pathway through control of different mediators in the process can help treat disorders.

        Epithalon has extensively been shown to help hold the function of mediators such as cytokines, C-reactive protein, and other acute-phase reactants.

        Insulin and Cholesterol

        Due to telomerase upregulation then pineal gland activation, it has been shown that epitalon substantially improves insulin sensitivity, glucose consumption, and overall cholesterol health.

         In addition, concerning cholesterol health, it has been shown to decrease LDL and VLDL while significantly increasing HDL levels dramatically.

        How do you administer Epitalon?

        Epitalon is dispensed by intravenous, intramuscular, or transdermal/subcutaneous (under the skin, through the skin) injection.

        Oral administration is not effective.  The peptides are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract. They cannot permit through the gastrointestinal tract in a functional and intact state, up to the bloodstream to exert their effects.


        The ideal dose of Epithalon is often reported at 10 mg daily, over a period of 15 days. The occurrence of administration is one injection per day or split into two. Each course of use should be followed by a pause of 4-6 months before the course is repeated.

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